Mittwoch, 8. Mai 2013

US Botschaft

OMG, Today was an exhausting wanna know why? I'll tell you,

I woke up at 4 am .
I went to the US embassy because of the Visa... but now it's done and i'm soooo happy. We were given a booklet in which our rights were listed.
Okeey, I wanna tell you what happend . My father has driven me to the embassy and there were two cops. I was afraid but just a little. :D
and i was very early there...I was sitting at the station. At 7.30 am I had to hire me. After waiting I got to security. They have checked me and my documents also. Then an electronic door opened. Finally, I was in the embassy. There still more doors and an American came and told us what we had to do.
My forms were checked at a counter and then I had to wait until my name was called. Then I was called and he said my name in a funny way. The man was really nice so we talked briefly and he said that my visa is approved and I'll get it next week and then I was allowed to go.

This was my day in the embassy. :D

Compared to the other I was done fairly quickly. Funnily enough, Klaas was from the TV show "Circus Halli Galli" always near me and he even kept the doors opened for me: D

It's worth getting up that early.

& wenn ihr euch jetzt wundert warum ich in Englisch geschrieben hab, dann beantworte ich das so. :D

Ich war in der Botschaft und da sprach ich die meiste Zeit Englisch & dann dachte ich, da es ein großer Schritt ist für mein Auslandsjahr, hat der Besuch in der Botschaft auch viel Bedeutung,.. deswegen in Englisch. :p

Bis demnächst <3333